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Sharon Wood

Sharon Wood

Director of Operations

Sharon is the latest addition to the Stewardship Colorado, LLC team. She is the Director of Operations for Stewardship Colorado, LLC, bringing years of corporate business operations experience, including customer experience, employee experience, and leadership development. She completed her bachelor of science in Business Administration and Management at the University of Albany, as well as certifications in "Accelerating Change Readiness and Agility," "Fostering Inclusion and Diversity," and "Building and Leading Effective Teams" from UC Berkeley, Yale School of Management, and Columbia Business School respectively.

Sharon enjoyed an enriching 14-year career as an executive with T-Mobile's Leadership Development, Frontline Experience, and Customer Service departments before joining Stewardship Colorado.

Sharon serves as a board member for Evergreen-based Faithful Workouts, where she can be found working out alongside founder Michelle Spadafora most mornings.