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Legacy Coaching

We have partnered with Jeff Rogers, the founder of Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC and an Investment Advisor Representative with Stewardship Advisory Group, LLC, to provide inter-generational mentoring. We work with you to prepare your children and grandchildren to be wise stewards of the wealth they will inherit; as well as helping you to train them to run the family business.

What Differentiates the Stewardship Legacy Coaching process?

  • The Stewardship Legacy Coaching process takes a holistic approach of “whole life stewardship”. We look at the stewardship of all aspects of a person’s life, not just their finances.
  • The Stewardship Legacy Coaching process integrates a person’s Values, Facts, Feelings, Family & Finances into a Master Stewardship Legacy Coaching plan.
  • The Stewardship Legacy Coaching process helps Clients achieve greater Clarity about their Life Purpose and their Passions.
  • The Stewardship Legacy Coaching process assists people in becoming Intentional about the stewardship of their Family Legacy (Passing on Wisdom as well as Wealth; and a focus on Intergenerational Mentoring & Preparing the “Next Generations of Stewards”).
  • After helping Clients get Clarity about the above “soft issues”, the Stewardship Legacy Coaching process employs a high degree of advanced technical knowledge of the Legal, Tax and Financial tools so that people can fund their Vision efficiently through Tax Savings.