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Income Planning

Are you within 10 years of retirement or just interested in starting a conversation about retirement income? Do you have a strategy for withdrawing from your assets to create 'paychecks' in retirement? Are you already retired and wondering what amount to withdraw, where to withdraw from and when? Have you considered the effects of your future tax brackets, Required Minimum Distributions from your IRAs or how to optimize your Social Security payouts? As an Investment Advisory Representative of Stewardship Advisory Group, LLC, Sean Wood helps clients create their retirement income strategy. We work with our clients to understand their risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation and income need and then implement a strategy to create reliable monthly income through retirement that increases with inflation and can also account for future events such as Social Security payments. The steps for this process are as follows: 

  1. First we need to understand your risk tolerance, time horizon and income need so that we can position your assets to take on the risk you are comfortable with in the time horizon determined by you
  2. Next we look at your current assets to see what they are invested in, including what kind of accounts they are in (Traditional IRA, Roth, taxable, annuities)
  3. We run multiple scenarios to suggest potential strategies that can be used in retirement to meet your goals
  4. We work with you to determine which strategy is the best for your situation
  5. In the years leading up to retirement, we will make recommendations to position your assets so that when you retire, the strategy agreed upon can be implemented. If you are already retired, we will make recommendations to position your assets so that you can begin the strategy agreed upon in Step 4
  6. We will meet at least annually to monitor your strategy and make updates as needed

For a complimentary analysis, please give us a call at 303.500.1930 or email Sean directly at