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Estate Planning

As an Investment Advisor Representative of Stewardship Advisory Group, LLC, Sean Wood partners with your attorney or can work with you to find a legal professional to address the following estate planning needs:

Avoid the "pitfalls of probate"

Basic Estate Planning, including Living Trusts, Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, etc. can help your heirs avoid the stress, delays and costs often associated with probate.

Advanced estate planning

For people with large estates, the IRS can take as much as 50% in Federal Estate Taxes.

Asset protection from lawsuits & creditors

In today’s litigious society, many people are concerned about the risk of lawsuits. Good asset protection can help protect your hard earned assets from frivolous lawsuits. This is especially important for family businesses or professional practices.

Sean is an official Everplans advisor!

Everplans is a way for you to organize, store and share your most important documents, health care information, and life wishes. Things like wills and insurance papers, but also account numbers, email passwords, family recipes, and final wishes.

An Everplan is a plan that puts everything you and your loved ones need in a place they can easily find.

So instead of digging for your documents and fighting over your intentions, you and your family know everything is taken care of. That should give everyone peace of mind.

And because Sean is an Everplans advisor, he is able to help you step-by-step to create your personal Everplan.

He can help you organize all of your paperwork and plans so you’ll know where everything is and how to access it at every stage of your life.

Call or email us to find out what an Everplan can mean for you and your family.

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