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Financial Planning to Finish Strong

Learn from the Past - Map a Sustainable Path - Pursue a Life Of Meaning

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Retirement Planning

An illuminated path toward your goals using cutting edge technology to map out and stress test your plan

Tax Planning

Multi-year strategic planning to minimize taxes over the course of your lifetime

Investment Management

Investment advice tailored to your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and values

Company Retirement Plan Services

Investment advisory services to 401(k), Cashflow Planning, Profit Sharing and Defined Benefit retirement plans

Estate Planning

Outline your wishes regarding your health, finances, and more

Education Planning

Support and planning as you prepare for your children and grandchildren's education

Make Your Wealth Work for You

Make sure sudden wealth doesn’t suddenly disappear

Make smart decisions – Manage it well - Make it last

You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You have, in one place, more wealth than you have had
before. Maybe you sold a company, maybe your employer went public, maybe you simply left a career
and are taking with you years’ worth of savings.

Now you must make it last. You may never have this kind of opportunity again. It can be terrifying.
Managing significant wealth to get a lifetime of income is exactly the opposite of what you have done
before and you’re not sure how to do it, leaving you stressed and unsure.

I have been there before.

I had an opportunity like yours early on. I immediately sought guidance from several experts and
others who had either succeeded or failed in this situation. My experience and observations of
others led me to design a process to help people in the same situation. Now I guide people
along the journey to master the skills they need to make their money last as long as they do and
leave a thoughtful legacy aligned to their values.

The first secret is don’t make big mistakes.

And you might be surprised how often the same errors undermine sudden wealth. Each
situation is not entirely unique – the mistakes that dissipate wealth follow predictable patterns. I
call them The 7 Deadly Sins.

Download your free checklist, The 7 Deadly Sins of Sudden Wealth, and learn some of the big
mistakes to avoid.

Then, contact us and schedule a complementary hour meeting to have an Honest
Conversation® and discover your biggest risks and how to address them.

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